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Icon Writing Workshop 2020
Thank you to the Master Iconographers, the iconography students, and all behind the hospitality received at the Monastery. May God you grant you all many years!  There are more photos on Fotos Y Más


Stay tuned for 2021 Iconography Workshop details!   



  • Icon Writing Workshop I
    January 30-February 4, 2017
  • Icon Writing Workshop II
    January 29-February 3, 2018                   
  • Icon Writing Workshop III
    January 21-26, 2019

The ICON WRITING WORKSHOP is an intensive experience to learn how to write an icon in six days with the guidance of the Russian master Iconographers Tatiana Berestova and Dmitrii Berestov who painted the iconography of the Monastery Church and crypt. Prior to the workshop, an interesting slide presentation on “The History and Meaning of Icons” is given by Tatiana to orient the group for a better understanding of iconography. The workshop is held at the Monastery Studios of the Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Guatemala. Because of the intense daily schedule of the workshop, the participants stay at the simple private rooms in San Miguel del Lago of the Monastery.

Each person writes an icon according to his/her level as a Beginner or Advanced. The daily workshop schedule has a minimum six-hours of lecture-and-work with an extra time provided for studio work to do whatever unfinished task is needed to be accomplished each day. Very often, the whole group continues working at nights in order to finish on time within one week. The iconological lectures explaining the process of icon-writing is so profound that the participants are spiritually enriched and renewed.
Writing icons is indeed a treasure, a blessing and a joy!
All glory to God!
Mark your calendar:
Icon Writing Workshop III
January 21-26, 2019


January 22-25, 2018

The Young Adults at San Miguel del Lago of the Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Trinity were privileged to learn how to make icon boards taught by the Russian master iconographers Dmitrii Berestov and Tatiana Berestova who painted the iconography in the Monastery Church and crypt. The workshop began with a profound lecture on the nature of the wood and its sacred link to the Tree of Life. The linen cloth which is used for the the gesso is also of deep significance related to the Swaddling Clothes that wrapped the Infant Jesus and the Holy Shroud used for the burial of Jesus. The practical work were facilitated by the machines at the Woodshop making the process easier and faster. The young adults were joined by some missionaries who worked together for four days.
The purpose of this workshop is to teach the Young Adults make the icon boards for the Icon Writing Workshop held every year at the Monastery. God willing, the future participants will already use the new MaderaKraft Icon Boards for the 2019 workshop and the coming years!
All glory to God!
Mark your calendar:
Icon Writing Workshop III
January 21-26, 2019
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